Internal review

Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991

This form is to be used for an application for an independent internal review of a QBCC reviewable decision under the Queensland Building and Construction Act 1991. It does not cost anything to submit an internal review application.

Completing this form

The internal review application should be made within 28 calendar days after receiving the QBCC's original decision, if the original decision is a 'reviewable decision'.

To apply for an internal review you must be 'affected' by a QBCC reviewable decision, or an authorised agent making the application on behalf of the affected person.

This application form may be saved at any stage while it is being completed, in order to return to it at a later date. This application form may be completed and printed for submission in hardcopy.

Once submitted, an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the applicant. The application will be assessed by an internal review officer, who will contact the applicant to discuss the application.

The applicant acknowledges that other affected parties may be contacted in the course of conducting an internal review. For further information about internal review, please visit