Money owed

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Completing the monies owed complaint form

The ability of the QBCC to take action is dependent on industry participants and suppliers informing us of overdue debts. If you are owed money by a licensed contractor and wish to make a complaint to the QBCC, complete this form and submit it to us.

It is important to note that there are certain fields within this form that are mandatory. If you are unable to provide all of the required information there will be insufficient means to substantiate your complaint and the QBCC will not be able to conduct an investigation. Anonymous complaints do not give the QBCC grounds to commence an investigation and no action can be taken by us.

Please be aware that by signing the Money Owed complaint form, you are acknowledging that QBCC may, at its discretion, contact the contractor and disclose the full details of your complaint. This is necessary to enable QBCC to investigate the matter, request an explanation from the licensee on why the money has not been paid and take action as appropriate.

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